Alternately dancing, sensual or edgy, the sound of TWLVE is anything but dull. Walking away from current trends, the band goes back to a sharp, percussive and orgasmic rock.

TWLVE is a synthesis of agile guitars, powerful rhythms and heady melodies to which eloquently responds Alban’s nonchalant and magnetic voice, where sometimes rise an organ that could remind us of The Doors.

They go through a large heritage to keep only the best cocktail: psych, surf & grunge.

Discovered on the New Noise in France compilation thanks to their track Blue Pig along Jessica93, Cheveu or Scorpion Violente, the band sticks to its gun with their second EP “Sun Bats”. Six tracks installing their peculiar universe, somewhere in between 70s’ horror movies and a sweaty live.

So« step inside and get a load of cool »

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