Turnsteak has been inspired by both the budding hip hop scene found in the Parisian suburb region of Oise and by the creativity found within Paris itself, whilst earning their stripes by paying ample attention their mentors : Rustie, Modeselektor and Flying Lotus.

When it comes to producing, TuRnStEaK rolls out, turns over and skillfully arranges a broad range of reputable influences such as house, hip hop and bass music in general, against a backdrop of 8Bit sounds for a vigorous and organic result.

Their lives never go unnoticed : keen visual arts, they never wallow through a linear set. They rather choose to offer their public an immersive and sensory experience. Everytime, it’s lights, bass and snares which come together with grace and raw energy.

With Us Records, family label known for its talent scouting, didn’t miss on TuRnStEaK and soon welcomed them alongside Clément Bazin, also known as, My Head. In being very productive artists, it didn’t take long before they released their first LP, Digitale Pourpre. With frantic rhythm as a central theme, the album potrays another idea of clubbing music : the one of joint efficiency and pleasure on the dance floor, but most importantly, self-lessness within music.

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