Stand Wise

Stand Wise gravitates within in a parallel universe inspired by images blown to smithereens and sonorous scenes. Contemplation and brutality intermingle to give birth to a deep and sensual electronic music. By diving into their world, we understand that it’s an invitation to dream : the imaginary is their God that is experienced by entering an unknown world.

While both Diego Ribes and Raphael Bugeaud come from Paris, the originate from different scenes of expression, those being audiovisual and art, respectively. This mixture of influences can be perceived in how Stand Wise surrounds itself with machines on stage, as well as in the mixing of synths, guitars and voices. Live performance, according to Stand Wise, is a primordial project, just like the visual aspect.

Posture, along with composing between balance and unbalance, is the idea of Stand Wise. It’s a concept of perpetual movement and evolution, feeding from music and image.

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