Jackie Moontan is as poetic as he is absurd. Jackie claims to be a moonman; his spaceship crashed somewhere in a Mississippi swamp and he’s been traveling this little blue planet ever since, writing songs about it’s little blue inhabitants.

Jackie’s perpetually and dangerously flirting with kitsch, encapsulated by his love for satin shirts and bright coloured suits which he wears on stage during his Spectacular One Man Moon Man Karaoke Show Extraordinaire – as he calls it. Whatever he does on stage, whether it is dancing or falling off of it, he always seems to be saved by his love of self-mockery.

Jackie’s a discreet observer and a fabulous crooner, who tenderly relates the stories that surround him in a colourful combination of pop, funk and soul that is very much his own. He was once asked in an interview what animal he feels closest to and responded: “The chameleon. It is never in a rush, always makes good use of it’s tongue and looks like a goddamn disco ball.”