Bloum was born in 2013, from the desire to bring together electro and acoustic music, but also to build audiovisual components, where gesture and instruments are blended together with computer generated sounds and images. Bloum creates a dreamlike and daring sound, inviting us to walk around a space knocking down barriers.

With Bloum composing, arranging and mixing its own tracks, it successfully mingles between electro and guitars, transverse flute and saxophone, so that each step assists in reaching toward its ideal visual identity.

Bloum’s first EP, Acte 1, is a snapshot of the evolution taken place since its conception in 2013. Like the true artists that they are, Bloum made this piece from scratch and thus signed their first collaboration with Animal Records.

From their heady energy, it rouses us towards the more bright and out of control; Acte 1 was an ensemble of all of Bloum’s core aspects. Searching to constantly scramble our senses and shake our sense of reality, Bloum welcomes us into its universe.

Bloum’s guiding line is summarized by giving their sound a particular attention, through works on tone and sound tissue. On stage, the plural band can adjust to every scenic space, going from a live machine with only four hands to their full formation : four musicians playing opposite to two video artists.

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