9th cloud has regularly brought forth blasts of ethereal bliss, pure droplets of sound from the skies of Provence. One of France’s finer underground talents, he’s remained true to his own approach, and has been busy concocting his unique blend of delicate rhythms and melodic electronica since 1999.

We’re proud to present PRISM, a milestone in his discography, which masterfully combines well- versed skill and dynamic innovation. Propelled into orbit, we find the elusive 9th cloud, drifting through the stratosphere, stirring up dense billows of mist and melody, steeped with hip-hop and electronica.

PRISM takes us on a race after forgotten memories, an ethereal vision of random crystals in our consciousness. The tracks swoop, swell, flutter and dissipate, fluctuating between vaporous visions and solid mass.

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